Making technology easily accessible to customers, creating and managing the most productive and efficient service chain for them while providing the newest technologies and operational service support to the payment systems environment.


Being a leader institution in its domain offering the best technological solutions to fintech companies and banks by presenting new business models to ecosystem and adding new values to stakeholders.




We create values for all our customers that we consider in equal importance.


We act with great sense of responsibility, present measurable goals and service levels to our business partners.


We always adhere to honesty in our relations with our customers, business partners, stakeholders and employees.


We improve our services and way of working with continuous change and innovation.


Benefiting from our experience and know-how at maximum level we provide the best solutions for the industry.


We achieve great outputs for all stakeholders by combining our employees’ different expertises with team spirit.


Fintech is the abbreviation for "Financial Technologies". Fintech produces products and services in mobile payment, money transfers, income/expense tracking, credit and crowdfunding by combining financial services with technology. The ecosystem has been limited only with banking industry until 2010s; however for the last decade, mobile operators, credit rating agencies, card payment system members, insurance companies are the new players in the system. Start-Ups which aim individual payments still provide the most dynamic/innovative approach in the industry.

Communities who are not members of the banking system but still needs payments for P2P, P2C etc., data analysis, investment markets and individual investments pull number of direct investments in the Financial Technology Industry which manipulates the number of players and quality.


Developing Mobile Devices - As the innovations increase in Security and Capacity, number of transactions via mobile devices are expected to increase as well.

Internet Infrastructure and Coverage - As Internet access becomes faster, cheaper and easier, number of Internet users increases in parallel with the demanded variety of products and services.

IoT – (Internet of Things) – As the number and variety of devices with Internet access increase, the innovations and needs also vary which leads to new and varied needs.


  • Start-Up Companies
  • Local and Regional Authorities - Public
  • Banks
  • Payment System Companies
  • Mobile Operators
  • Insurance Companies


  • P2P (Person to Person) Payments
  • B2B (Business to Business) Payments
  • B2C (Business to Client) Payments
  • Collections
  • Secure Payment
  • Donations and Social Aids


  • R&D
  • Data Storage
  • Information Security – Compliance
  • Flexible and Modular System
  • Expert Teams
  • Consultancy Services